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Thanks for stopping in! This summer, I'll be biking 2500 miles from San Francisco to Gibson City, IL to raise $4000 for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the Ford County Youth Soccer Club. My route map.

There are so many reasons. As a youngster growing up in central Illinois, playing soccer, as rare as it was for the area, was an activity that really shaped me into the person I am today. Not only combining the importance of fitness and teamwork, but also leadership and discipline. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to give back to this organization (FCYSC), and I feel that this is my chance.

Living just outside of Gibson City causes every child to be an avid cyclist to survive that stretch of Route 9 to make it into town. As I've progressed into my current career as an urban planner, I realize how much of an impact cycling can make in certain parts of the United States, in reducing our dependence on vehicles, increasing our health, among other benefits. Atlanta is the place that re-energized my spirit for transportation planning and I hope to be able to return some gratitude to the ABC, a cause that I still feel has an uphill battle in that town.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at supawanich@gmail.com

Monday, August 24, 2009

We're (Almost) Not in Kansas Anymore...

Oops, forgot the camera cord back in the room so no picture posts today... there wasn't anything too out of the ordinary besides the dragonfly that appeared to be the size of a small crow and the cows wading for fun. So welcome back! It's 4 weeks and 1 day into the trip and things are going well. I'm camped up in a cheap motel here in Iola, KS and am checking out the local digs such as the library and the senior center. The ride today was pretty easy going, 86 miles, partially into the wind, but it wasn't too bad overall. Still passing plenty of Kansas oil wells, cattle farms, and narrow-shouldered roads.

Apparently, if you're a town in Kansas, you feel the need to be the best at something. Very American. It's kinda like how if you win the NBA, you're the world champion, strange. So since we're here in the heartland, I guess it's magnified. Already in Kansas, i've passed towns that have boasted to have the largest st. patrick's day parade in the world, the the largest watershed basin in the world, the world's capital of prairie chickens, and today the world's capital of hay, and then there was that town Greensburg, KS (that got devestated by the tornado last year) that boasted the world's largest hand dug well. All very important, but all very strange that they're advertised on the sign. I guess when your largest tourism generator is college basketball, you need to be creative.

So back to riding. The pavement here in Kansas has been pertty good aside from that there is typically a 6" shoulder beyond the white line. Luckily, Kansasians seem to be good at giving cyclists plenty of space. I haven't had too much trouble as far as crazy drivers. Once in Colorado, some guy yelled something at me. Today, some guy in the opposing lane tried to lob something at me (I'm not exactly sure what it was or if it even came close), but two incidents in 2200 miles seems to be a pretty good track record.

In other news, I broke out the GPS and it indicated to me, as the crow flies, that I'm less than 500 miles from Gibson City! How cool is that. Well I think it's pretty cool, even though I'm sure by as the road drives, it's a bit more distant.

Ok, so I think that's it for now. Time to scour through town to see what type of nourishment options I have. The Chinese Garden across the street from the motel seems filling... but not appetizing.

Ok, that's it for now. happy monday.

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  1. I'm glad you're having a safe trip, and meeting lots of friendly people.