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Thanks for stopping in! This summer, I'll be biking 2500 miles from San Francisco to Gibson City, IL to raise $4000 for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the Ford County Youth Soccer Club. My route map.

There are so many reasons. As a youngster growing up in central Illinois, playing soccer, as rare as it was for the area, was an activity that really shaped me into the person I am today. Not only combining the importance of fitness and teamwork, but also leadership and discipline. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to give back to this organization (FCYSC), and I feel that this is my chance.

Living just outside of Gibson City causes every child to be an avid cyclist to survive that stretch of Route 9 to make it into town. As I've progressed into my current career as an urban planner, I realize how much of an impact cycling can make in certain parts of the United States, in reducing our dependence on vehicles, increasing our health, among other benefits. Atlanta is the place that re-energized my spirit for transportation planning and I hope to be able to return some gratitude to the ABC, a cause that I still feel has an uphill battle in that town.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at supawanich@gmail.com

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Newton, KS ... REST DAY! woohoo

So yesterday I rode about 105 miles from Larned, KS into Newton, KS. A welcome sight because it would be where I would be taking my first day off the bike since Carson City, NV. Woohoo, AND Catherine would be flying into Wichita to greet me once I got to town.

But first, a quick summary of the day in Larned, I did want to say my
previous day in Larned was pretty fantastic. I got to town and smashed a foot long Subway sub as soon as I got to town (around 4pm). After cycling all day, it
's amazing how you can devour nearly anything and have it feel like you just had a handful of popcorn. Larned was a great little town with really nice people. I st
opped by city hall to register for my campsite. The park on the southwest of town was the nicest that i'd stayed in so far. However, the city pool was closed since school was in session. So my bath would have to be a sponge bath under the water faucet.

hopefully they're not being corrected in the same classrooms...

Here's a quick tour around my campsite:

So yesterday was the long haul to Newton, KS. I got rolling out of Larned around 730am and loaded up on food because it would be about 55 miles until the next town. It was a nice ride and passed through a few wildlife refuges which were quite pretty filled with all kinds of birds, frogs, and cattle wading in ponds. After a quick lunch break in Nickerson, KS, I moved onward to wrap up the day in Newton. I got in around 5pm, just in time to meet Catherine, who had just gotten into town.

With the rental car, we actually went back up to Hesston, KS to meet up with my riding friends for the past few days, Judy and Jerry, who were staying at an RV park there. We invited them to dinner and brought them back to Newton with us for a stellar german buffet, which was a fantastic way to put some calories back on.
After a great filling dinner, it was time to hit up the local Dairy Queen for a DQ Blizzard (my first in years...) and yes, it was awesome.
Today (Saturday, Aug 22nd) - was a rest day in Newton/Wichta, KS ... we're staying at a Days Inn where I took full advantage of their continental breakfast. Not too exciting, but I spent the day in Wichta picking up a few supplies here and there. i'd been running out of camping fuel, and finding a proper air pressure guage for presta tire valves is pretty hard out in the plaines.

Cat and I spent the time walking around downtown Newton, which actually is a pretty impressive town for the 10,000 some people that live here. Oh yes, I took a much needed trip to the Laundromat today too. Probably the most important thing i did actually.

Tomorrow, I'll be back on the road. I realize that I've trekking a bit off schedule, but as of now, I should be able to make it back to Gibson by Sept 7th, depending on weather. But even with that, I can alter the path through Illinois to make it there on time.

Cat will be leaving mid-day tomorrow which will be quite sad. But I'll see her again back in Gibson for Amy's wedding. After she leaves, I'm planning on taking a short day and trying to make it to El Dorado, KS to camp for the evening.

Hope all is well for all of you, and ride safely.

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