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credits to Justin Bond of Star Talent Events for the audio.

Thanks for stopping in! This summer, I'll be biking 2500 miles from San Francisco to Gibson City, IL to raise $4000 for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the Ford County Youth Soccer Club. My route map.

There are so many reasons. As a youngster growing up in central Illinois, playing soccer, as rare as it was for the area, was an activity that really shaped me into the person I am today. Not only combining the importance of fitness and teamwork, but also leadership and discipline. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to give back to this organization (FCYSC), and I feel that this is my chance.

Living just outside of Gibson City causes every child to be an avid cyclist to survive that stretch of Route 9 to make it into town. As I've progressed into my current career as an urban planner, I realize how much of an impact cycling can make in certain parts of the United States, in reducing our dependence on vehicles, increasing our health, among other benefits. Atlanta is the place that re-energized my spirit for transportation planning and I hope to be able to return some gratitude to the ABC, a cause that I still feel has an uphill battle in that town.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at supawanich@gmail.com

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Colorful Colorado - Day 17 - Dolores, CO

Greetings friends, I'm writing to you this evening from the cozy comfort.. or something of the type... RV Park in Dolores, CO. I rolled into town around 4pm today just in time for the local farmers market. Dolores is a great little town and I wish I had a few more days to stick around here. Once I got in, I sat down for a drink and chatted with an older couple from Flagstaff who came up to the area for a week of camping. I went over to grab dinner at a local place and had a young gentleman from the area join me. His name was Joe and he made furniture down in Cortes, CO. We chatting about the trip and the area, the weather, etc. Really nice guy.

The place that I'm staying (camping) seems to have it all for camping, warm showers, laundy, internet... maybe I should just hang out here for a few days. However, I wanted to post some video this evening ,but the computer at their location may have been purchased in the elder Bush's presidency.

As for my ride today, things started off great. I got out by 7:30am and was off towards the east with a cool breeze behind me. The day started with a 1000 foot climb out of Blanding towards Monticello. But of course, something came up. My trailer tire went flat about 7 miles into the trip. The trailer tire is a bit problematic since the size is much harder to find (for the tube and tire). But for this fix, the hole was small enough that I was able to use a patch and was back on the road in about 20 minutes.

However, the big excitement for the day was crossing into Colorado. It took me a bit longer than I originally imagined. But I finally made the crossing sometime around lunch and stopped in Dove Creek, CO (which is a big farming town... that looks oddly like the midwest) for a great Denver omlet. Here's me indiciating that yes, I'm in my 4th state.

Also, later in the day I passed through Yellow Jacket, CO. (I wish I would have brought a little BUZZ to take a picture here in this town). It's funny, I passed through on this same highway with my parents in the summer of 2004 and I think I have a picture with this same sign then. I'll have to go back and check. But, I had to take the opportunity to take another little jump photo.
Tomorrow will be a long day. Coincidentially, a high school friend Beth Wurmnest now lives in Montrose, CO which is along my route. I was originally going to try to make it there tomorrow. However, I realize that is going to be a bit of a stretch (120 some miles over two serious mtn summits). So, we'll see how far I actually make it. But it will be great to catch up with her and see her new shop there in town.

All else is well. I am really thinking I need to take a day off the bike soon. Waking up each morning has not been a full recharge. So depending on the weather (it may rain soon), I may be taking a day off somewhere in Colorado.

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