Why am I doing this?

credits to Justin Bond of Star Talent Events for the audio.

Thanks for stopping in! This summer, I'll be biking 2500 miles from San Francisco to Gibson City, IL to raise $4000 for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the Ford County Youth Soccer Club. My route map.

There are so many reasons. As a youngster growing up in central Illinois, playing soccer, as rare as it was for the area, was an activity that really shaped me into the person I am today. Not only combining the importance of fitness and teamwork, but also leadership and discipline. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to give back to this organization (FCYSC), and I feel that this is my chance.

Living just outside of Gibson City causes every child to be an avid cyclist to survive that stretch of Route 9 to make it into town. As I've progressed into my current career as an urban planner, I realize how much of an impact cycling can make in certain parts of the United States, in reducing our dependence on vehicles, increasing our health, among other benefits. Atlanta is the place that re-energized my spirit for transportation planning and I hope to be able to return some gratitude to the ABC, a cause that I still feel has an uphill battle in that town.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at supawanich@gmail.com

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Greetings independence day revelers! Just wanted to say greetings from East Central Illinois. I flew into Chicago yesterday and got to catch up with some dear high school friends and now am downstate after a lovely amtrak ride to Bloomington. So right now, I'm sitting on the couch looking out the window at the beautiful central illinois rain. I'm just imagining that this is what it'll feel like in 2 months after visiting on my bike. It's kinda weird for me to think about it and begs the question? If i'm here now, why would I want to do it again, but on a bike? we'll leave that one open ended.

So 4th of July is my favorite holiday by far. What else could you ask for, grilled food, family and friends, and a fireworks display, all centered around a non-discrimatory, secular holiday that you don't need to celebrate at night and can start the day out with a 5K or some other athletic event. love it.

So this afternoon, I'll be headed to Gibson to catch up and relax with some of my good high school pals and then perhaps to Sibley, IL (which is 1/4th the population of Gibson, which is 1/150th the size of San Francisco), to catch the big fireworks display. However, it's raining, bummer. Last time I was here for the 4th in 2003, it also rained... hopefully I'm not bringing bad luck to this town. If so, I should claim my final destination as Paxton or maybe even Fisher.

But as for now, I hope you all have a fanatastic independance day and party safe.

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